Who I Am

Hi, I'm Alex Womersley, and you've stumbled upon my portfolio website.

After graduating from the University of Huddersfield and putting that behind me, I turned my attention towards developing my skills as an artist, with the intention of making a living from drawing things.

I find it hard to find one influence behind my work that stands out above the others; instead I find inspiration in the work of so many modern digital artists and pop artists. I also find comics to be a big influence for me, though curiously I don't read any. I suppose enjoying their art is a natural progression from a childhood love of cartoons. One artist whose work consistently amazes me is Yoji Shinkawa, the main artist for the Metal Gear games.

Outside of art my hobbies include spending too much time on videogames, and listening to music (in turn attempting to rectify many years of musical ignorance).


What I Can Do (Check out my CV here)

I'm a self taught artist, primarily specialising in digital art, constantly experimenting with styles and techniques.

Armed with a graphics tablet and Photoshop, I am able to create art in a wide range of styles - from silly cartoons, to vibrant pop art, to realism. And I dare say quite a bit in between, too. Whatever the case, I am able to confidently produce high quality illustrations and experiment with visual styles, making me quite different to a lot of artists in that I can't bear to stick with the same artistic style repeatedly.

In short, I'm always keen to push myself with new artistic challenges.

I'm also a very capable developer, having designed and developed this website from the ground up, as well as having experience working with Flash and ActionScript 3.